StrataNet Group (SnG) is a pan-regional operator that sells and operates bandwidth capacity on select subsea cable routes in Asia & the Pacific Rim. Our service, “SnG Connected”, connects more than 20 locations in 15 countries across Asia and the Pacific. The network consists of 10 GB or 100 GB leases & IRUs that provide the exact connectivity, resilience and control that customers seek on a 138,000km network.

Founded by executives with more than a combined 100 years of management experience and expertise in the subsea, telecom and emerging market sectors, SNG is quickly establishing itself as the next era in subsea cable systems. SNG represents an Asian and Pacific Rim network which extends over 138,000km and connects 20 locations in 15 countries.

SNG’s network solution provides precise connectivity, resilience and control to customers with larger bandwidth requirements. SNG strategic investments in multiple submarine networks across Asia and the Pacific provide telecom service providers, content providers and large institutions unrivalled high-speed and diverse capacity into and throughout Asia.

For more information on SNG, including details on the SNG network, products and services, and
customer inquiries, please visit www.stratanetgroup.com.
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We are building one of the fastest and widest network infrastructures in Asia, connecting over 15 countries.

We offer world class support services to ensure that you’re always on, with regular maintenance and security checks.


A New Era in Subsea