StrataNet Group provides seamless, end-to-end managed,international connectivity services over a 138,000km connecting 20 locations in 15 countries. Investments across diverse cable systems including APCN2, JUS, AAG, SJC, APG, MCT, ASE, Unity,SMW3 & SMW4 ensure StrataNet Group customers enjoy a one stop shop for cohesive sales, cost-effective service and billing.
Let us simplify the procurement and ongoing management of your international connectivity
SnG Connected is a dedicated point-to-point bandwidth service between carrier Points of Presence (PoPs) and submarine cable landing stations anywhere on StrataNet Group’s network. Our services provide customers with larger bandwidth requirements the exact scalable connectivity, resilience and control they need with price structures to meet future growth.
Our mission is to provide you improved reach, greater reliability, and more flexibility at lower costs.

Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU)

  • Designed for customers requiring the most cost-effective solution for long-term, assured bandwidth between specific locations
  • Ownership of capacity on the StrataNet Group network
  • Cable System Upgrade Rights to further protect your investment against the possibility of future price declines
  • Up to 20-year contract terms
  • Up-front payment, plus an annual operations and maintenance charge


Leased Capacity

  • Ideal for customers needing to spread their costs or those with uncertain or rapidly changing bandwidth requirements
  • Short or long-term lease of capacity up to 10 years


Technical Flexibility

  • Fully-managed capacity between StrataNet Group locations
  • Capacity in increments of 10Gb, 100Gb and beyond
  • Scalable upgrades in various bandwidth increments
  • Backed by industry leading SLAs


Commercial Flexibility

  • Solutions to meet medium and longer term requirements
  • Scalable solutions for core network expansion or specific customer requirements
  • Easy migration options


Our Commitment to You

We understand the needs of our customers and recognise the criticality of subsea network solutions. This is why connecting through StrataNet Group means more than just purchasing capacity and the reason we provide a single point of contact a tour Network Operations Centre. Our NOC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and is staffed by expert NOC engineers to provide service support and operate the StrataNet Group network.
An individual from the NOC Service Delivery team is allocated to manage the delivery of each customer’s order, ensuring that all required services are provisioned, activated and tested, ready for handover to the customer by the agreed Ready For Service Date.


A New Era in Subsea